more commonly known as amaranth is an ancient plant used for its grain. The amaranth plant, one of the oldest cultivated food crops in the world, has beautiful flowers and produces edible seeds. Both were important to the ancient Aztecs for nutritional and religious reasons.


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Our Story

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Our Restaurant

is named after this plant because of its historical significance, nutritional value and of course is beauty. We see it as more than a name, but as a metaphor for our plant-forward menu and beautiful location coming together to make an timeless experience with great food.

We believe in taking incredible ingredients and creating something unexpected. Our vision is to create vegetable based cuisine, that brings more to the table than just salads. Amaranthus is the place for community to gather and enjoy elevated plant focused food.


Our Team

 Owner Alejandro Diaz, and Executive Chef Sam Fabbro have come together to bring a vision of great food to life once again with Amaranthus.  A team forged from years of working together at our flagship restaurant, el Santo.

Chef Fabbro has put together a great culinary team with more than just experience, but a passion for great food.

Stephanie Briscoe, a skilled and enthusiastic front of house manager, rounds out the Amaranthus team.


Our Team



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